Lost With Nothing to Lose

Not-Quite Human

Book 2

Lost With Nothing to Lose

'Lost With Nothing to Lose' cover with active link to view the book on amazon.com.(Available for pre-order on Amazon and Smashwords, at a discounted price until the book goes live on May 12.)
Retail price is $7.99 (due to length and time completing it),
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Unable to find a home and acceptance on Earth, an intrepid band of misplaced youth seek their ancestral home among the stars. Unfortunately, their reception is not quite what they hoped for.

The home they discover is a hostile environment, involved in a huge interstellar war with a hostile alien species. Everyone is on guard, and the newcomers are viewed as untrusted interlopers. They search for a place in a world with no use for them, with no place to turn for assistance.

Faced with an unwinnable situation, they seek to change the rules, risking arrest, trial and even death in hopes of fixing a world they know little about.



1) Homeport Issues

Our crew doesn’t find the welcoming they expected.

I: Home, Unwelcoming Home

2) Immigrant Processing

The team gets their first taste of their welcome in their new home.

3) Under Seige and Under Suspicion

The team’s reception goes horribly wrong.


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