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It’s been some time, and I’ve been out of the public eye for some time. As such, I decided I should give everyone an update about what I have scheduled.

I haven’t been idle, investing an incredible amount of time on various projects. 2015 was a slow year for me in terms of stories published, but I plan on making up for in it 2016 (and, no, I’m not running for political office!).

A House in Disarray


This has been where most of my time has gone, a story about a lesbian NYPD detective struggling to hold the entire police department and her private life together as dangerous events and her family swirl around her.

Unlike my other stories, I’m having this one professionally edited. Call it curiosity, but I’m eager to learn how much of a difference it’ll make. What’s more, it’s a learning opportunity for me. I’m hoping I’ll learn enough about self-editing, that I’ll get more of the story cleaned up during the writing and revision process. And so far, it’s working.

The release is slightly delayed, as I have to reconcile the editors changes.

Stranded in a Foreign Land

(price reduced to $0.99 to promote the sequel)

The next item on the agenda, is to republish “Stranded” under a new, easier to find name. Believe me, if you haven’t, searching for this book produces thousands of false results, in dozens of conflicting genres. I think the new title, new cover and a refined edited, will make some difference in the story.

I should warn you, for those who purchased “Stranded”, you won’t want to purchase this book, as nothing has changed in the plot. This is merely a cosmetic change to help promote the book (which has always been one of my highest rated stories).

The Lad Who Poked the Devil in the Eye

(book available for purchase)

The sequel to “Stranded”, which many of you have been eagerly waiting for, is nearing completion. You may have heard that I was having problems with it and considered trashing it, but I’ve worked through those issues, and I’m proud of the results. Not only because it’s the worthy continuation of a great story, but because I’ve finally learned to trim my writing down to the base essentials. Unlike the 150,000+ word tomes found in my “Catalyst” series, this one weighs in at only 61,000 words, the typical size of a smaller novel.

It continues the adventures with space aliens started with “Stranded”, but it takes it in some unexpected directions

The Nature of the Game

This one is a bit of a stretch for me, and one which most of my fans won’t be interested in. But it was a story I felt compelled to write. As many of you know, I’ve always lived at the edge of the gay community because of my brother, who was an influential figure in the early gay rights movement.

This story is a gay romance between a football star firmly entrenched in the closet who falls for a flamboyant drama club member who’s ‘out and proud’. It’s a conflict I’ve seen bubbling below the surface of the gay community for some time, and I felt compelled to address it. Yes, it does feature some stormy sex. If that doesn’t dissuade you, I think you’ll find it compelling reading. It’s also my shortest story, at only nine chapters and 30,000 words (so far). It’s really a novelette, at that length, but it’s still an interesting story.


This is a story I put aside three years ago in order to finish “Stranded”, and which it’s taken until now to finally resume. However, the wait has been worth it. This story is similar to the “Catalyst”, if Alex had only stood up for himself and confronted his enemies.

It features the first man to travel beyond our solar system via an experimental interdimentional jump (ISSDD), where things go horribly wrong, and somehow, he ends up at home, unhurt with no answers concerning what happened. With the entire world demanding answers, and accountability from NASA, he’s forced to go on the offensive, defending himself as he and the rest of NASA searches for answers to what happened to him. So far, I’m proud of how it’s coming.


Finally, I have plans to begin a whole new science-fiction trilogy series called “Not-Quite Human”. Yes, 2016 promises to be a very busy year!

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