“The Demons Within” available for pre-order

The Demons Within

Click to view on Amazon

Click to view on Amazon

Fairy tales are more than true:
not because they tell us that dragons exist,
but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.

Neil Gaiman

My long-delayed newest book, The Demons Within, available on April 26th, is available as an Amazon pre-order. During that time, I’m offering eight (8) free copies via a Goodreads.com giveaway.

Story Description:

Phil Walker was a normal man, until the demons invaded his mind. Unsure whether they were real, he resisted until they threatened someone’s life, and then took action. The results were immediate. He was questioned by the police, laughed at and insulted, but the homeless man he defended reported his schizophrenia was cured. After that, everything Phil once knew was turned upside down.

Eager to understand his visions, he seeks answers, only to face skepticism and hostility from the medical community. Does it really matter if he’s technically insane if he cures hundreds? As Phil battles his inner demons, he wrestles with where they originated and how they impact him and his health. However, the question remains: are his unusual skills an otherworldly phenomenon, the results of disease or a gift from above?


This is an interesting book, as it crosses a number of book genres. Nominally a science fiction story, it include demons, dragons, devils and fairies, and explores how one might attempt to promote an alternative medicine if they couldn’t defend how it functions, even though it’s efficacy is clear.


The giveaway has completed with the largest number of bidders, almost 1,200, I’ve ever received for a contest, with winners ranging from the UK, Canada, Australia and, of course, the U.S.

If you didn’t get picked, or didn’t discover the contest in time, the book is now on sale on Amazon.

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