Box Sets

I’m testing out the idea of boxed sets. These consist of either an entire series in a single volume, or the first book of each series by a particular author.

So far, I’ve  created two:

  1. Unwanted Visitors Box Set
  2. Demonic Issues Box Set


Unwelcome Visitors has been on sale for some time, while the Demonic Issues Box Set is now available only as a preorder. Both books are cheaper than purchasing each book separately, and allows you to read the entire series at once. In addition, I’m offering the Demonic Issues Box Set preorder at an additional discount. However, once the books are published on 09/09/2017, the book returns to it’s normal retail price ($8.99).

Once I post my Catalyst and Great Death series on smashwords, I’m hoping to publish a Sample Box Set, containing seat first book of all of my series, so you can figure out which of my series you like for one low, introductory price.

I’ll see just how promising the concept of box sets is. So far, they haven’t exactly taken the publishing industry by storm.

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