Books available on

It’s taking a little while, but I’m slowly getting my books up on (since I walked away from smashwords over their inability to resolve their continuing processing errors).

The following books are currently available on


The Nature of the Game

Stranded in a Foreign Land

Not-Quite Human:

The Cuckoo’s Progeny


1) An Unknown Attraction

2) Trying to be Normal

3) Normalcy is Harder Than it Looks

4) Racing the Clock

5) Touring Under Pressure

6) Building a Legacy

Great Death:

1) Clinging to Hope As the World Falters

(previously published as (“Love and Hope During the Great Death”)

2) Grappling With Survival

3) Seeding Hope Among the Ashes

Books will eventually be available on Nook, iBooks and Kobo.

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