Back on smashwords!

After a long hiatus, I’m back on

I’ve always had better sales, while receiving more money, on the site, and they offer readers more options. Unfortunately, when they terminated my earlier contract, they also deleted readers abilities to update their books.

If anyone has ever purchased my books on smashwords, drop me a note at and I’ll send you a coupon to switch over the a new version (once I start posting my older books).

For now, I’ve listed my two newest books on Smashwords: Zombie Leza and The Demons Within.

To help promote my new presence on the site (I’m now listed as Vincent Berg, instead of Crumbly Writer), I’m offering a 25% discount on Zombie Leza, valid until July 22, 2017. The discount code is “AN67J“.

I’m planning to release the following books soon:

Demonic Issues:

  1. The Demons Within $4.99
  2. Speaking With Your Demons $5.99

After that I’ll post The Cuckoo’s Progeny and Singularity, though I’ll post one at at time, giving smashwords members a chance to absorb them (and for me to relearn how to process the SW files). I’ll post each new book listed on SW here, along with any new discount codes for my loyal readers.

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