Author's Pic (book)I’m an author who fell into writing at a late age, after a lifetime of observing people, collecting wide ranging factoids and perceptions of the world. Weaving these together, I present an slightly offbeat story approach. Long, rambling, fairly detailed, unusual stories. Currently I have two different series and a stand-alone novel, listed below:

“The Great Death” Series

A story of an intricate apocalyptic event where most of the the life on Earth is wiped out, but with a difference. This one focuses on the people during the apocalypse, and how it affects them afterwards.

Love & Family Cover smallGrappling Cover smallSeeding Hope Cover small

  1. Love and Family During the Great Death
  2. Grappling with Survival
  3. Seeding Hope Among the Ashes


quoteI laughed, I cried and I kept turning the pages – a most compelling series! Keep ‘em coming. Neat way to sneak in excellent ‘facts of life’ – philosophy & Sex Ed, too.

Thanks for your talent & imagination.




Visit "Stranded"

A young man races against time to save stranded survivors from his own government, dragging his friends, associates and strangers into his conflict with the might of the US military and police.

An alternate ‘alien invasion’ story, focusing on the dangers of handing politicians unlimited power.


quoteAmazon Review by: Walter L Roach on May. 2014: star star star star star

Fascinating story line; unusual yet entertaining
While the plot was not a big surprise, the action flows along with his meandering style. An excellent read; highly recommended!


quoteAmazon Review by: Mr. Rowland R Denniss on Feb. 2014: star star star star star

Its one of those books you don’t want to put [down] and when you have finished you wished it would carry on


quoteReview by: Michael Allstott on March 17, 2014 : star star star star star
I’ve enjoyed all of Vincent’s books, and Stranded is no exception. His crash landing scenario focuses on the human element, but there is some alien uniqueness and some fancy technology. I’m not sure if our government is quite as bad as the book makes it out to be, but it wouldn’t surprise me. A very enjoyable read.


quoteReview by: Karel Young, March, 2014 :
star star star star star

I really enjoyed this book, it was interesting and I can see the Gov’t reacting in the way described.

I would Love to see a sequel/continuation of the story though!


quote“Stranded” is a very good book. I loved the ability of the main character to make the government look like idiots, but only because they are I guess.

David rating by: Robert Laughlin: star star star starstar rating by: C.: star star star star


quoteReview by: OBQuiet: “Interesting Idea”: star star starstarstar

The book was interesting and the pacing was good. The idea of rescuing the alien crew was also pretty original.

But I did have a hard time with the over the top government response and heroic behavior of the main character. … Still, I don’t regret reading it and will look forward to other works by [the author].


Average Rating:

4.5 rating based on 12 ratings (all editions)

ISBN-10: 1495445054
ISBN-13: 9781495445057
Goodreads: 21405471

Author(s): Publisher: Createspace
Published: 3/15/2014

“Never Leave Anyone Behind” is a familiar refrain for American Servicemen. A crew is incapacitated in a strange land and a hostile government tries to capture them and steal their resources; a typical tale of corruption and betrayal. What if you’re not a member of the military? Do you put you and your family’s lives at risk to help those who can’t help themselves, especially for those who may never reward you or who may not even survive?

Josh discovers an injured shipwrecked alien and undertakes to not only care for it, but to seek out, rescue and protect its companions from not only his government, but others too.

Out of print. Republished 11/20/2015 as "Stranded in a Foreign Land".


“The Catalyst”

The chronicles of a young man, as he discovers he’s a catalyst for other people, giving them strange abilities, and drawing strangers to him like moths to a flame. He’s not ready for what happens to him, but slowly adapts, with help from his family and friends. What he does with his many followers, though, is an open question.

An Unknown Attraction linkTrying to be normal linkNormalcy is harder than it looks linkRacing the clock linkTouring under pressure linkBuilding a legacy link

  1. “An Unknown Attraction”
  2. “Trying To Be Normal”
  3. “Normalcy Is Harder Than It Looks”
  4. “Racing the Clock”
  5. “Touring Under Pressure
  6. “Building a Legacy”


quoteWhat a great start to a story. The reluctant hero who doesn’t know what he is. I like it, and I want more.



quotestarstarstarstarstargood story” Amazon review by Mr. Rowland R Denniss

Really good story one of a set (catalyst) couldn’t put it down and when I’d finished it I was so disappointed I didn’t want it to end.

quoteWhat happens when a rather shy High School kid is worshiped by grown adults? It makes for an awkward school life, I can tell you. Good thing young Alex is a caring young man. A joy to read.


quotestarstarstarstargray starA different sort of story.” Amazon review by James DeVidts

Interesting story premise, I bought both books, made for good reading, excellent length making it a good value. Glad [there] are six books in the series.



Upcoming Books
A House in Disarray

When the New York City Police Commissioner is compromised by the death of a city councilman, he appoints Detective Emma Rules to investigate, hoping to circumvent a public witch hunt. But what she uncovers implicates her boss. If she solves the crime, she could put the commissioner in jail, embarrass the city and make the entire police force the laughingstock of the country. Yet, if she doesn’t, it’ll make the city and the police look corrupt and mark her as ineffective and suspicious.

On top of that, unexpected visitors—her brother’s wife and young daughter—invite themselves into her home, upsetting her solitary life, creating family frictions and throwing her life into turmoil when she has little time to deal with it.

The Lad Who Poked the Devil in the Eye
The sequel to “Stranded”

A young man’s curiosity places him on the edge of mankind’s extinction. As the boy who provoked death itself, he invited an alien race to rain havoc upon the Earth. But Otis Becker knows more than the experts can guess, with access to information he can’t explain. As the world hurtles towards oblivion, he has to convince the world he can deliver them from alien enslavement. All while avoiding the aliens, the media, curious strangers and a government eager to appease the aliens.

Twelve years after Earth’s first encounter with aliens, they receive a return visit. Only this time, the aliens aren’t stranded and helpless. Instead they’re ravenous and eager to devour all in their path.


An experimental interstellar space voyage goes horribly wrong, and the unlucky test pilot wakes up, unhurt, back home. Struggling to discover what happened, Samuel Pierce returns to NASA headquarters and prepares to face a thousand questions as things continue to change around him. Is he still normal, still human, or some new species who could bring catastrophe to everyone and everything around him?

11 Responses to

  1. Rodney Dalberg says:

    How do I get your finished book “Grappling for Survival”?

  2. lostspot says:

    When is the third book coming out ?

    • vincentberg says:

      Ah, good question, and very specific too. I’m guessing you were stuck mid-stream somewhere?

      As always, things always get much more complex in execution. Book 1 is largely done, now resting with the editors. Book 6, the conclusion (formerly book 4) is fully fleshed out and is awaiting revisions and editor input. However, when I started book 2 I decided to make yet another change, and I started switching the entire thing from 1st person to 3rd person, which will require essentially rewriting the entire thing, as that’s a fairly extensive change, so it’ll be hard to guess how long it’ll take to edit the full 47 chapters in the new books 2 & 3.

      Forget the above. I decided such extensive changes weren’t in anyone’s best interests as it would hold the entire process up too much. Hopefully Book 2 can be edited relatively quickly, as the book is structurally sound. It’s Books 4 & 5 (previously “Racing the Clock” that I’m more interested in revising.

  3. robert green says:

    i love your stories there great

  4. TK says:

    Living for Book #3 in the Catalyst series.

    • vincentberg says:

      > Living for Book #3 in the Catalyst series.

      Alas, it took a little while. Catalyst 3 is quite a bit larger than the other books (28 chapters), and it took a while to review. But as you can tell, it’s available now!

  5. Thom says:

    I just finished Racing The Clock as usual it was terrific. I know I say they are smoother than the originals but I think they are better organized if that makes sense. You have managed to improve an already great story. Thank you. I await the next installment.

  6. Sam Hill says:

    I am lost without my next Catalyst book! When will it be available…really?

    Well, Sam, it takes a while to finish each book off. Even cranking them out the way I am, it still takes a bit.

    Since I’m releasing previously written material, I’ve been averaging a new book a month, which is really an unrealistic pace. What’s more, since I haven’t been able to work on Book 6, “Building a Legacy” (my editors hadn’t read the original story, and thus had to edit the entire series sequentially so they’d understand all the subtle references), I’m left with Book 6 only half finished (editing) now.

    That said, I’ll try to keep to my basic one month schedule. However, that may be tempered by my wanting to give myself enough time to finish off Book 6. If it looks like Book 6 will take too long, it might be better to wait a little longer on Book 5, just so the wait for Book 6 isn’t quite so long.

    The end result is that we’re looking at some time around either October or early November.

    Anyway, I’m glad that you’re enjoying it so much. I also have another couple in the hopper. “Stranded” is also currently in editing, and I’ve finally started work on “The Great Death” book 3, tentatively titled “The Rejuvenation of Hope” (no idea on how long it’ll be yet).

  7. Anonymoose says:

    > Vincent:
    > I’ve really enjoyed reading the Catalyst series, and I would
    > like to thank you for it. You’ve created interesting characters
    > that I look forward to returning to, and a premise and situations
    > that are engaging and entertaining. I will be sad to see the
    > series end.
    > However, and I hate to bring this up, my enjoyment is marred
    > by some small issues that occur pretty consistently throughout
    > the series, and that tend to pop me out of reader’s immersion
    > and “suspension of disbelief” when I encounter them. I don’t
    > know exactly how Smashwords works, but I hope that you’ll be
    > able to correct these problems and publish improved second
    > editions of the books.

    I’ve been hoping to talk to you about that. The email you left on the comment wasn’t valid and I was hoping to discuss some of those issues with you. If you did that purposely, not wanting to be contacted, that’s fine. But if not, respond with a address I can respond to (it won’t show up here) and we can discuss your issues.

    – Vincent

  8. Dick Way says:

    “Stranded” is a very good book. I loved the ability of the main character to make the government look like idiots, but only because they are I guess.

    Thanks, Dick. That’s what I was going for, not necessarily to show that people in the government are idiots, but to show just how easy it is for political leaders to abuse their position, and how it’s easy for them to justify their power grabs to their opponents.

    The story is ostensibly about an alien-invasion, but it’s really about the corruptions of the political system.


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